NANFANGLUJI Ladder Dry Mix Mortar Mixing Equipment

NANFANGLUJI Ladder Dry Mix Mortar Mixing Equipment

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The ladder dry mix mortar mixing plant equipment developed by NFLG is relatively low. And it takes a larger floor space compared with tower style. The foundation load is small, which is proper for mortar product that is not sensitive to aggregate and mixing. And it is proper to produce ordinary mortar and some special mortar. The energy consumption is relatively high.

main machineFJD1200FJD2000FJD3000FJD4500FJD6000
high speed endtwo-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)
volume fraction of mixer70%70%70%70%70%
aggregate size (mm)0~4.750~4.750~4.750~4.750~4.75
aggregate scale(kg)(200~1300)±1%(200~2000)±1%(400~3000)±1%(400~3800)±1%(500-5800)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
cement scale(kg)(100~700)±1%(100~800)±1%(200~1300)±1%(200~1800)±1%(200~2000)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
additive scale(kg)(5~30)±0.5%(10~50)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%adjustable according to client's requirement

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