XIAJIN XJ998H Forklift loader

XIAJIN XJ998H Forklift loader

Operating Weight 48.5t
Rated Power   247kw
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  • Whole vehicle

    Powerful and Compact. Equipped with professional air-condition, single handle pilot control system, electronic control gearshift device to ensure  easy operation, Independent transmission oil and Hyd. Oil radiator improve the system stability.



    Top-grade engine(247kw/h WEICHAI engine)with multinomial patents, synthesize multilevel compound air filters and low noise technology.



    XIAJIN MACHINERY SOMA forklift loader axle,Larger supporting weight,auto-brake when braking,perfect braking performance when running.Safe braking power reaches above to 86000N.m,effectively realize reliable braking effect.It is big revolution in reliable technology and safe technology of forklift loader,it is double guarantee of efficiency and security.


    Structural parts

    The structural parts are special design with thickened steel plate. The thickness of lift arm and hinged plate is 80mm. Hinge pin and bearing are enlarged, which improving the bearing capacity greatly. The weight and width of vehicle are 48500kg and 3520mm respectively, which effectively improve the transverse and longitudinal stability of the vehicle.

  • Engine

    Model                                                                   WEICHAI

    Rated Power                                                       247kw

    Overall dimension

    Overall length                                                      10780mm

    Overall width                                                        3520mm

    Overall height                                                      3880mm

    Performance parameters of entire machine

    Operating weight                                                  48.5t

    Bucket capacity                                                    3.1m³

    Rated load                                                             36t

    Turning angle                                                         32°

    Turning radius                                                       10030mm

    Wheel base                                                           4425mm

    Tread                                                                     2650mm


    Min.ground clearance                                           460mm


    Haul location height                                               ≤300mm


    Climbing gradient                                                  20°


    Fuel tank capacity                                                 420L

    Hydraulic fuel tank capacity                                  380L

    Dimensions of fork

    L x W x H                                                                1600 x 350 x 135 mm


    Distance of fork                                                       ≤1430mm

    Specification of tire

    Tire type                                                                  29.5-29-40PR


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