Komatsu PC2000-8 Crawler Excavator

Komatsu PC2000-8 Crawler Excavator

Operating weight 200000kg
Engine power
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Komatsu Technology

Powerful and Fuel Efficient Machine Achieved by Total Power Management PC2000-8 is equipped with the new Komatsu SAA12V140E engine that features clean, fuel efficient, and powerful performance. Power losses in hydraulic system, cooling fan, and PTO are reduced. Total Power Management using On-demand Power Control System succeeds in drastically reducing the fuel consumption per hour. The machine has enhanced functions that contribute to energy-saving operation including adjustable ‘E mode’ and ‘Eco-gauge’. The PC2000-8 is a new generation, clean, and economical machine.

High Power Komatsu Engine

713 kW (956 HP) Equipped with a high efficiency turbocharger with large air-to-air aftercooler, the engine delivers high output of 713 kW 956 HP. The ample engine power enables an increase in work efficiency. The clean engine is EPA Tier 2 emissions certified.

Heavy Lift Mode

Turning the heavy lift mode switch on activates the all-out power delivery system to increase the lifting force of the boom. This mode is beneficial when handling rock and during heavy lifting applications.

Selectable Working Modes

Two established work modes are further improved. You can select Power or Economy modes using a one-touch operation on the monitor panel. Two E-mode settings available, enabling the operator to select the mode that delivers the best combination of production and fuel efficiency for the working conditions.



The Eco-gauge is provided on the right side of the monitor screen for energy saving operation. The gauge informs the operator of cumulative achievement to a predetermined fuel consumption target. By keeping the gauge indication within the green range, the operator can perform fuelefficient operation to meet the target value.

Power Module Packaging for Easy Installation and Removal of Components

Engine, radiator, oil cooler, hydraulic pumps, and PTO are packaged within the Power module. This design facilitates installation and removal of components, contributing to the reduction of maintenance, transportation, and overhaul hours.


Strengthened Frame Structure

Revolving frame, center frame, and crawler frame are strengthened completely. The frames endure heavy-duty work and exhibit excellent durability.

Durable Swing Circle with Triple-Roller Bearing

Large capacity triple-roller bearing is used for the swing circle. The swing circle endures heavy-duty excavating and loading work, and exhibits excellent durability.


Sturdy Guard/Large Track Link

Travel motors are shielded by sturdy guards. They prevent the motors from being damaged by the thrust of rocks. Enlarged track rollers, in combination with the largest track links, provide excellent durability.


Monitor Function

Controller monitors engine oil level, coolant temperature, battery charge, air clogging, etc. If controller senses any abnormality, it is displayed on the LCD.


Maintenance Function

Monitor indicates replacement time of oil and filters on LCD and warns the operator when service is due.


Automatic Greasing System

Greasing of the work equipment and bucket is fully automated. Greasing is hassle-free since the system carries out automatic greasing at regular time intervals.


Excellent Operational Visibility

Downward visibility is greatly improved by the extended front windshield offering the operator a better view of machine footing. The new interior arrangement, in combination with wide glass windows, improves visibility on the work equipment side and provides excellent visibility of the surroundings.

New Operator Cab Specially Designed for Mining

New operator cab provides a comfortable working environment. Sturdy cab of solid construction, with integrated top guard conforming to OPG level 2.

Engine Stop Devices & Fuel Cut-Off Lever

Engine stop devices are provided at two points on the power module as standard equipment. Engine start lock function of the switch is used during maintenance work. In addition, a fuel cut- off lever provided on the revolving frame allows stopping the engine from the ground.

Rearview Monitoring System (optional)

Up to three video cameras can be installed to monitor the rear of the machine (full-screen or split- screen display selectable).

Comfortable Operating Environment with Same

Level of Low Noise as Passenger Cars Integral structure of cab and new damper mounts, in combination with power module packaging, attain outstanding low noise and vibration in the cab, equivalent to passenger cars.

Large 7-inch TFT-LCD Monitor

The machine is equipped with a large 7-inch TFT-LCD monitor. Panel visibility is significantly improved by the use of the high-resolution TFT-LCD panel. The panel switch group is easy-to-use, enabling switch over of engine output and increase of lifting force during operation. Furthermore, use of function key enables the operator to perform multi-functions with ease. Character display can be selected among nine languages.


Komatsu SAA12V140E-3
4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Turbocharged, aftercooled
Number of cylinders
Bore5.51"140 mm
Stroke6.50"165 mm
Piston displacement1860 in³30.48 ltr
All-speed, electronic

SAE J1995 - Gross976 HP728 kW
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net956 HP713 kW
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed910 HP679 kW
Rated rpm
1800 rpm
Fan drive type

Hydraulic System

Open-center load sensing system
Number of selectable working modes
Main pump:

Variable displacement piston pumps
Pumps for
Boom, arm, bucket, swing and travel circuits
Maximum flow:

For attachment, swing and travel612.2 U.S. gpm2317 ltr/min
For fan drive85.6 U.S. gpm324 ltr/min
Hydraulic motors:

2 x axial piston motors with parking brake
2 x axial piston motors with swing holding brake
2 x axial piston motors
Relief valve setting:

Attachment circuits:

Backhoe4,270 psi29.4 MPa   300 kgf/cm2
Loading shovel4,270 psi29.4 MPa 300 kgf/cm2
Travel circuit4,760 psi32.9 MPa 335 kgf/cm2
Swing circuit4,270 psi29.4 MPa 300 kgf/cm2
Pilot circuit430 psi2.9 MPa 30 kgf/cm2
Hydraulic cylinders:

Number of cylindersBore x StrokeBore x Stroke

Boom / 211.8" x 104.2"300 mm x 2647 mm
Arm / 29.8" x 84.2"250 mm x 2138 mm
Bucket7.9" x 85.4"200 mm x 2170 mm
Loading shovel:

Boom / 211.0" x 76.0"280 mm x 1930 mm
Arm / 27.9" x 85.4"200 mm x 2170 mm
Bucket / 28.9" x 80.7"225 mm x 2050 mm
Bottom dump / 27.1" x 23.6"180 mm x 600 mm

Swing System

Swing gear
2 x Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication
Swing holding brakes
Mechanical disc brakes
Swing speed
4.8 rpm

Drive System

Travel gear
Planetary gear
Maximum travel speed1.7 mph2.7 km/h
Parking brakes
Mechanical disc brakes


Track adjuster
No. of shoes
49 each side
No. of carrier rollers
3 each side
No. of track rollers
8 each side

Coolant and Lubricant Capacity (Refilling)

Fuel tank898.3 U.S. gal3400 ltr
Radiator47.6 U.S. gal180 ltr
Engine31.7 U.S. gal120 ltr
Travel gear, each side22.5 U.S. gal85 ltr
Swing drive7.9 x 2 U.S. gal30 x 2 ltr
Hydraulic tank343.5 U.S. gal1300 ltr
PTO7.9 U.S. gal30 ltr

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