Sunward SWE08B Mini Excavator

Sunward SWE08B Mini Excavator

Overall Weight 1010kg
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SWE08B is a compact mini-sized excavator applied in narrow spaces, featuring high reliability, easy operations, and excellent protection for the driver. It will become your excellent partner.

Yanmar engine

-- Trustworthy on compact equipment, this engine features low noise, low vibration, and easy maintenances for main parts.

▲ Fops / Tops

-- The standard tiltable / foldable protection cage conforms to the EU Fops / Topssafety certification requirements to safeguard the driver. This protection cage features better trafficability after being folded.

▲ Telescopic Chassis

-- Controlled by simple single joystick, the chassis width can be retracted to 750mm to adapt to narrow spaces. On the contrary, the chassis width can be extended to 1,000mm to improve the stability by 15% and even allow the use of hydraulic breaking hammer.

-- With the chassis retracted to 750mm,the SWE08B can drive through most narrow door openings successfully for operations indoors.

-- With simple rotating shaft, the dozer blade is capable of rapid folding.

▲ Quick Change Device

-- It can allow the removal and installation of various buckets and attachments in a time-saving and rapid manner.

▲ Working Device Pipeline

-- The transitional connection is applied for all working pipelines at the boom root to ease repairs and replacement and all exposed pipelines vulnerable to collision or scratch are protected by steel sleeves to effectively prolong the life.

▲ Hoisting Points

-- 3 hoisting points are provided for direct hoisting and transport by a crane, featuring high safety and simplicity.

Pilot Control For Working Device

-- The hydraulic pilot control is firstly applied for the working device, featuring better accuracy and smoothness.

High Strength Casting Deflection Device

High-grade aluminum pedal plate

▲ Concealed Self-retracting seat Belt

▲ Large maintenance space

-- The tiltable engine hood allows the exposure of most engine area to ease the repairs.

→ Centralized grease injection

→ External centralized pressure measurement connector

Parameter List

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length1299mm
C)Ground clearance of platform418.5mm
D)Tail slewing radius of platform750mm
E)Chassis width750/1000mm
F)Crawler width180mm
G)Ground clearance of chassis131mm
H)Crawler height330mm
I)  Shipping length2640mm
J) Shipping height2250mm
K) Shipping width750mm

Operating range

a)Max. digging height3085mm
b)Max. dumping height2305mm
c)Max. digging depth1825mm
e)Max. digging radius3180mm
f) Max. digging reach at ground level3085mm
g)Max. lifting height of bulldozer blade225mm
h)Max. digging depth of bulldozer blade225mm
I) Min. slewing radius1221mm
Dozer size(Width×Height)700(1000)×190mm

Performance parameters

Operating  weight(rubber track)1.01t
Standard bucket capacity0.022m³
Bucket digging force9.4kN
Bucket rod digging force5.8kN
Traveling speed2.9/1.5km/h
Ground pressure24.5kPa
Swing speed8.2rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil9.5L

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