Komatsu GD655-6 Motor Grader

Komatsu GD655-6 Motor Grader

Rated power
Max.torque 694lbs
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Tier 4 Final Engine

The Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified and provides exceptional performance while reducing fuel consumption. Based on Komatsu proprietary technologies developed over many years, this new diesel engine reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared to the previous model.


Higher Productivity & Lower Fuel Consumption

A new variable displacement piston pump, improvements in the transmission and driveline components, and a sophisticated electronic control system for the engine and transmission all combine to achieve optimum and efficient operation. The new GD655-6 will consume up to 15% less fuel than the GD655-5.

Fuel consumption
up to 5% reduction
(P mode)
up to 15% reduction
(E mode)

(Compared with GD655-5)

Long Wheel base & Short Turning Radius

Longest wheelbase in class for exceptional fine grading performance. A 25 degree articulation angle allows the GD655-6 to maintain a tight turning radius of 24'3" making this grader very maneuverable for tight road work and cul-de-sac operation.

Dual-mode Transmission

The dual-mode transmission is built specifically for Komatsu motor graders. The transmission provides full power shifting as well as inching capabilities and automatic shifting in the higher ranges.

Excellent Visibility

Excellent visibility from the hexangular cab and layout of the rear side pillars boost operator confidence and productivity in all grader applications. Well-positioned blade linkage provides an unobstructed view of the moldboard and front tires.



Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders
Bore107 mm4.21"
Stroke124 mm4.88"
Piston displacement6.69 ltr408 in3
Gross horsepower (Manual mode):


Gear 1-3 @2000 rpm136 kW183 HP
Gear 4-6 @2000 rpm151 kW203 HP
Gear 7-8 @2100 rpm165 kW221 HP

Gear 1-6 @2000 rpm136 kW183 HP
Gear 7-8 @2000 rpm165 kW221 HP
Net horsepower** (Manual mode):


Gear 1-3 @2000 rpm134 kW180 HP
Gear 4-6 @2000 rpm149 kW200 HP
Gear 7-8 @2100 rpm163 kW218 HP

Gear 1-6 @2000 rpm134 kW180 HP
Gear 7-8 @2000 rpm163 kW218 HP
Max. torque @1450 rpm941 Nm 96.0 kg•m694 lb.ft.
Torque rise
30 %
Fan speed
Max. 1450 rpm
Air cleaner
2-stage, dry-type
* EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.
** Net horsepower output for standard (SAE J1349) including air            cleaner, alternator (not charging), water pump, lubricating oil, fuel            pump, muffler and fan running at minimum speed.

Transmissions and Torque Converter

Full power shift transmission with integral free wheeling stator            torque converter and lock-up.
Speeds (at rated engine speed)

1st3.4 km/h
2.1 mph
4.5 km/h
2.8 mph
2nd5.0 km/h
3.1 mph
9.2 km/h
5.7 mph
3rd7.0 km/h
4.3 mph
20.3 km/h
12.6 mph
4th10.2 km/h
6.3 mph
40.3 km/h
25.0 mph
5th15.4 km/h
9.6 mph
6th22.3 km
13.9 mph
7th30.6 km/h
19.0 mph
8th44.3 km/h
27.5 mph

Tandem Drive

Oscillating welded box section520 mm x 202 mm1'8" x 8"
Side wall thickness:

Inner22 mm0.87"
Outer19 mm0.75"
Wheel axle spacing1525 mm5'0"
Tandem oscillation11° forward13° reverse
Tank7 L1.8 U.S. gal

Front Axle

Solid bar construction welded steel sections
Ground clearance at pivot620 mm2'0"
Wheel lean angle, right or left
Oscillation, total

Rear Axle

Alloy steel, heat treated, full floating axle with lock/unlock differential



Wheels, Front and Rear

BearingsTapered roller
Tire rims (demountable)13" one-piece rims


Hydraulic power steering providing stopped engine steering meeting ISO 5010.
Minimum turning radius7.4 m24'3"
Maximum steering range, right or left
Articulation, right or left


Service brakeFoot operated, sealed oil disc brakes, hydraulically actuated on four tandem wheels.
Parking brakeManually actuated, spring applied, hydraulically released caliper.


Front Frame Structure

Height300 mm11.8"
Width300 mm11.8"
Upper, Lower.25 mm1.0"


A-shaped, u-section press formed and welded construction for maximum strength with a replaceable drawbar ball.
Drawbar frame210 x 22 mm8.3" x 0.87"


Single piece rolled ring forging. Six circle support shoes with replaceable wear surface. Circle teeth hardened on front 180° of            circle.
Diameter (outside)1530 mm5'0"
Circle reversing control hydraulic rotation


Hydraulic power shift fabricated from high tensile steel. Includes replaceable metal wear inserts, cutting edge and end bits. Cutting edge and end bits are hardened.
Dimensions4320 x 660 x 22 mm14' x 26" x 0.87"
Arc radius432 mm1'5"
Cutting edge152 x 16 mm6" x 0.63"
Replaceable/Reversible side edges156 x 16 x 456 mm6' x 0.63" x 1'6"
Blade pull:  
Base GVW10100 kg22,267 lbs
With ripper GVW10980 kg24,207 lbs
Blade down pressure:

Base GVW6940 kg15,300 lbs
With ripper GVW8400 kg18,519 lbs

Blade Range

Moldboard side shift:

Right820 mm2'8"
Left820 mm2'8"
Maximum shoulder reach outside rear tires (frame straight)

Right2000 mm6'7"
Left2000 mm6'7"
Maximum lift above ground480 mm1'7"
Maximum cutting depth615 mm2'0"
Maximum blade angle, right or left
Blade tip angle40° forward5° backward

Hydraulic System

Load-sensing closed center hydraulics with variable            displacement piston pump. Short stroke/low effort direct acting            control valves with preselected maximum flow setting to each            function. Double acting anti-drift check valves on blade lift, tip,            circle shift, articulation, and leaning wheels.
Output (at engine rated rpm)200 L/min52.8
Standby pressure3.4 MPa 35 kg/cm2500 psi
Maximum system pressure20.6 MPa 210 kg/cm23,000 psi


Electric monitoring system with diagnostics:
Gauges / Standard:articulation, engine coolant temperature, fuel level,            speed meter, transmission shift indicator, engine tachometer,            torque converter oil temperature
Warning lights / Indicator:battery charge, brake oil pressure, blade float, brake            oil pressure, inching temperature, directional indicator, engine oil            pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, heater signal, lift arm lock,            parking brake, differential lock, torque converter oil, temperature,            ecology, P mode, fan reverse, rpm set, high beam, working lights

Capacities (Refilling)

Fuel tank390 ltr103 u.s. gal
Cooling system30 ltr7.9 u.s. gal
Crank case23 ltr6.1 u.s. gal
Transmission45 ltr11.9 u.s. gal
Final drive17 ltr4.5 u.s. gal
Tandem housing (each)57 lt15.1 u.s. gal
Hydraulic system69 ltr18.2 u.s. gal
Circle reverse housing7 ltr1.8 u.s. gal

Operating Weight (approximate)

Includes lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank

Total16940 kg37,346 lb
On rear wheels12620 kg27,822 lb
On front wheels4320 kg9,524 lb
With rear mounted ripper and front push plate:

Total18900 kg41,667 lb
On rear wheels13820 kg30,468 lb
On front wheels5070 kg11,177 lb
With mid-mounted scarifier:

Total17480 kg38,537 lb
On rear wheels12600 kg27,778 lb
On front wheels4870 kg10,737 lb


Ripping depth, maximum425 mm1'5"
Ripper shank holders
Ripper shank holder spacing534 mm1'9"
Penetration force9390 kg20,701 lbs
Pryout force17600 kg38,801 lbs
Machine length increase,beam raised690 mm2'5"


Middle, V-type:

Working width1430 mm4'8"
Scarifying depth, maximum190 mm7.5"
Scarifier shank holders
Scarifier shank holders spacing138 mm5.4"

Working width2186 mm7'2"
Scarifying depth, maximum165 mm6.5"
Scarifier shank holders
Scarifier shank holders spacing267 mm10.5"

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