TEREX 2450 Bridge Pavers

TEREX 2450 Bridge Pavers

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Last Updated : 2018-03-01
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  • The Terex Bid-Well 2450 is an extremely effective paver for thin bonded overlay projects. Its light weight and smaller profile make it ideal for fitting into areas with tight clearances. The swing leg and traffic machine end options for the 2450 roller paver offer even more versatility for demanding overlay projects. The patented Rota-Vibe system provides optimal consolidation of overlay materials making the 2450 the choice for overlay contractors.
  • While the 2450 makes a very effective bridge and overlay paver, its size and weight also make it an ideal paver for new roads and flatwork. With a maximum span of 60 ft / 18.3 m, the Terex Bid-Well 2450 can tackle flatwork paving including warehouse floors and slabs with ease. An optional single spud vibrator for the carriage offers versatility in a concrete paver that cannot be achieved by a slipform and automatic operation that cannot be found with an A screed. Pave a bridge on Monday, a warehouse floor on Wednesday and residential street on Friday with a single machine.

 For more information on Terex Bid-Well concrete equipment contact your Terex Bid-Well Regional Sales Manager or call 605-987-2603.

Truss Depth 24 in / .61 m
Basic Machine Length 30.5 ft / 9.3 m standard, can be extended to 60 ft /18.3 m
Paving Width ■  Standard: 26.5 ft / 8.07 m
■  Minimum: 8 ft / 2.4 m
■  Maximum: 56 ft / 17 m
Heavy-Duty Legs 4 in / 10 cm diameter
Machine Travel 3 ft (0.9 m) wheelbase (two driver and two idler bogies)
Crown Adjuster Manual, may be changed at any hinge point or at any travel rail adjustor
Operating Weight 6,054 lbs / 2,7456 kg
Paving Carriage ■  Dual 4 ft / 1.2 m long paving rollers 
■  Dual strike-off auger with double flighting
■  Patented Rota-Vibe®
■  Adjustable finishing pan with burlap drag or astro-grass drag
■  Carriage pivoting cylinder
■  Paving roller rotation kit
Power Two 20 HP / 15 kW gas engines, one mounted on the frame at the operator's station that drives the machine and carriage travel.
The second is mounted on the carriage and drives the paving rollers and two augers.

Automatic Operation ■  Automatic machine move-up at the end of each paving carriage 
    pass 0-12 in / 0.37 m
■  Automatic cushioned paving carriage travel reversal
■  Operator can stop and reverse carriage travel at any point

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