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lISHIDE RM227 Road Roller  Road Roller

lISHIDE RM227 Road Roller Road Roller

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Last Updated : 2019-01-17
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RM227 road roller is powered by international famous brand engine which meets GB II emission standard. The unit features high power, low fuel consumption, good reliability, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.
The vibration system adopts imported plunger pump and motor to a closed system with the characteristics of high efficiency, strong anti-pollution, excellent performance and reliable quality, which greatly improves machine performance and reliability. Dual frequency and dual amplitude meet different compaction of subgrade. Perfect match of steel wheel vibration frequency and vibration force ensures the effective compaction of different thickness and different types of materials.
The operating system adopts Hachi transmission with convenient operation and good compacting effect, which largely enhances the operation comfort. New type of electro- hydraulic control gearbox is employed according to users’ needs, with Forward 3 and Reverse 3. Steering and speed change are electro-hydraulic controlled, which increases reliability and meanwhile simplifies the control system, reducing the labor intensity of the driver.
The unit is equipped with heavy clutch for high reliability and long service life.
Human-based design cab with more vision ensures driving safety. The engine hood employs streamlined glass steel with beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.
Item Unit RM227
Operating mass kg 22000
Front load kg 11200
Static linear load N/cm 520
Vibration frequency (high/low) Hz 30
Vibration amplitude(high/low) mm 2.1/1.1
Centrifugal force@Vibration amplitude(high/low) kN 410/280
Vibration round diameter mm 1600
Drum width mm 2150
Engine model   潍柴WD10G175E23
Engine power@2000 r/min kW 128

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