lISHIDE SC85.8 Excavator Compact Excavator

lISHIDE SC85.8 Excavator Compact Excavator

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Lishide developed the SC85.5 hydraulic excavator independently in view of the market demand for compact excavator. The model increases the power rating to 60KW/2200rpm which can meet most demands of working conditions. The hydraulic system adopts the throttle control system, provides the assembly method of two main pump, also the working devices and undercarriage are newly designed, gives priority to working efficiency while increase the reliability, which means reach the biggest working efficiency with least working output. The newly designed outlook of the machine makes the machine looks more magnificent, the additional storage box makes maintenance more convenient. The entrance to the market of Lishide SC85.8 hydraulic excavator will further increase the market competitiveness and market share of the Compact excavator, which will make great contributions to the development of Lishide.
Model SC85.8
Technical Parameter
Operating weight(T) 8.5
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.34
Engine model CUMMINS B3.3T
Rated power(km/r/min) 60/2200
Fuel tank capacity(L) 130
Travel speed(km/h) 5.2/3.2
Swing speed (r/min) 11.5
Max. climbing degree(%) 35
Bucket digging force(KN) 52.7
Average grounding pressure(KPA) 37.2
Hydraulic pump model K7SP36
Max. flow(L/min) 79.2x2
Working pressure(MPA) 27.5
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L) 86
O-Max. digging height(mm) 7130
P-Max. dumping height(mm) 5040
Q-Max. digging depth(mm) 4148
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm) 3698
T-Max. digging reach 6522
V-Min. swing radius(mm) 1949

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