Lovol FR60E Crawler Excavator

Lovol FR60E Crawler Excavator

Overall Weight 5730Kg
Engine Power 36.2/2100(KW/rpm)
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1. Variable power, low fuel consumption, and clean emissions which meet the American EPA Tier2.  Standard and the European EU Standard; low vibration, low noise which will be good for the enviroment and staff.
2. Advanced hydraulic system which will make sure the working devices can be coordinated with each other during complex operation in any case.
3. Control system which is designed ergonomically will make it more comfortable to operate and more easy for the driver to  get in and out.
4. Convenient maintenance.
5. Advanced hydraulic control system which will provide perfect driving manipulation.
6. Structural parts with high strength which will make sure that the digging force can be brought into play powerfully.
7. Spacious driving view, comfortable operability and ultra low noise.
8. Optimized job parameters of the working devices which will make sure the larger excavation area in case of sufficient strength.
9. Lengthened bucket rod and buckets of different capacity can be selected as the mating to adapt to different working conditions.


Main Parameters6089*1890*2657
Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN)5730
Standard Bucket Capacity0.18
Transport Dimensionsmm6090*1950*2660
Bucket Breakout Force (KN)44.5
Stick Breakout Force (KN)30
Maximum Traction (KN)49.4
High-low Speed (Km/h)4.3/2.5
Climbing Performance(°)35
Total Length of the Crawler2536
Tail Turning Radius (mm)1600*
Width of the Crawler400
Ground Pressure (Kpa)32.33
Turning Mechanism
Turning Speed (rpm)10.2
TypeFour Cylinders, Direct Injection, Naturally Aspirated, Water-cooling
Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm)36.2/2100
Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm)218/1000*
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm)94*110
Output Value (L)3.054
Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h)247
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)120
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Pressure (Mpa)24.5
Main Pump Flow135*2
Operating Scope
Maximum Digging Height (mm)5170
Maximum Dumping Height (mm)3500
Maximum Digging Depth (mm)3925
Maximum Digging Radius (mm)6110

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