Lovol 1B20906(110CC) Three-wheel motor

Lovol 1B20906(110CC) Three-wheel motor

Rated power(ph) 9.5
Loading capacity(kg) 300
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1. The front board material of the brand new models adopts the high-quality ABS engineering plastics which is equipped with good stability and will never transform for a long time;
2. The headlamp and hood of the brand new models is beautiful with the luminance increased, which effectively improves the safety through driving the vehicle;
3. The front tool case with multifunction can meet the requirements of the user for various object storage;
4. The engine adopts the suspension system with flexible mechanical spring to reduce vibration and improve the driving comfort;
5. The automatic separation and reunion engine is adopted to conduct a convenient operation, which conforms to the operating habit of the quinquagenarian.


Main Parameter
overall dimensions of vehicle(mm)2750/2650*1080*1200
overall dimensions of cargo box(mm)1400/1300*1000*300
Fuel consumption(L/km)2.7/100
Loading capacity(kg)300
Max speed(km/h)≤55
EngineSingle cyclinder,Air-cooled,4-stroke
Rated power(ph)9.5
Fuel tank capacity(L)11
Start modeKick/electric
Gears of gearbox/reverse4/1
Real axleSemi floating
Driving typeShaft transmission
Brake typeDrum
Qty in 40HQ(units)55(SKD)

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