XGMA PunP Truck Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

XGMA PunP Truck Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Gross power(kW) ISUZU CYH51Y
Gross weight of machine(kg) 47.8m
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1. Free flow liquid closed hydraulic system and Germany Rexroth double 180 main pump, which features low reversing impact, higher pressure output, better hydraulic system performance, lower pressure loss and more economical fuel consumption;

2. Sweden "fine grain" alloy steel and the optimized X-shaped leg structure, which achieves reasonable distribution of superstructure weight to legs and reasonable distribution of torque, and ensures that the pump has high anti-overturn ability under any condition, thus having high safety factor. The leg span is 8704 (front) x 10236 (rear) x 9600 (vertical), which features small footprint, convenient operation and easy work in place.

3. The boom turntable is made of fine grain steel imported from Sweden, which features high strength, good toughness, light weight and design life as long as 15 years. 5-RZ boom structure design features quick opening speed, low opening height, high placing flexibility and strong applicability.

4. The design concept “high displacement, high pressure, high efficiency" of the pumping system and the large-diameter and long-stroke delivery cylinder (φ230x2350) and hydraulic cylinder, which features good suction performance and actual suction efficiency up to 80%; and the elastic suspension damping system assembly, which features the pumping impact retarding, smooth pumping and little boom jittering.

5. Germany Hirschmann intelligent electrical control system with human-machine interface, which features easy operation and real-time monitoring of working conditions; and can realize intelligent pumping control and all-round safety protection functions.

6. The chassis is BENZ Actros4141 chassis, which features strong power, beautiful appearance and comfortable operation;

7. Key components are provided by internationally renowned suppliers, which ensures high quality of each truck-mounted pump.

Pumping systemMaximum theoretical throughputm3/h121/180140/20084/140
Maximum concrete output pressureMpa13/8.79/1311/6.9
Rated working pressureMpa353535
Hopper volumeL650650650
Feeding heightmm150015001500
Hydraulic oil circuit pattern
Closed typeClosed typeClosed type
Cylinder bore × strokemmΦ140×2350Φ160×2100Φ130×2000
Delivery cylinder bore × strokemmΦ230×2350Φ260×2100Φ230×2000
Hydraulic oil cooling method
Air cooledAir cooledAir cooled
Boom and structure patternBoom structure pattern
Boom vertical heightm47.85236.5
Boom horizontal lengthm43.84832.6
Boom vertical depthm33.736.723.5
Slewing angle°±270±270360
Delivery pipe diametermm125125125
End hose lengthm433500
Minimum boom opening heightmm11500125008400
Leg span (front×rear×vertical)mm8704×10236×96009060×12500×108246030×8500×7030
Chassis and pumpChassis Model
Drive mode
8×4  8×46×4
Engine powerkW/rpmEuro Ⅲ287/1800265/1800
Exhaust emission standard
287/1800Euro ⅢEuro Ⅲ
Pump masskg376004083026950
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm13030×2500×399013810×2500×399811780×2500×3850
Others Lubrication method
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL600940400
Maximum water pump pressureMpa222
Water tank capacityL500500500

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